Joshua D. Walstrom

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In order to pose a successful challenge to conventional processor architectures, reconfigurable computing systems must achieve significantly better performance than conventional programmable processors by both greatly reducing the number of clock cycles required to execute a wide range of applications and achieving high clock rates when implemented in(More)
The Amalgam programmable-reconfigurable processor is designed to provide the computational power required by upcoming embedded applications without requiring the design of application-specific hardware. It integrates multiple programmable processors and blocks of reconfigurable logic onto a single chip, using a clustered architecture, similar to the one(More)
Amalgam is a novel architecture for multifunction embedded systems. It integrates multiple reconfigurable and programmable processing resources (known as clusters) to achieve high-performance with low design effort on a variety of multimedia applications. The reconfigurable cluster (RClust) enables Amalgam to exploit the natural parallelism and operator(More)
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