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COHCAP (City of Hope CpG Island Analysis Pipeline) is an algorithm to analyze single-nucleotide resolution DNA methylation data produced by either an Illumina methylation array or targeted bisulfite sequencing. The goal of the COHCAP algorithm is to identify CpG islands that show a consistent pattern of methylation among CpG sites. COHCAP is currently the(More)
As life expectancy rises, the prevalence of heart failure is steadily increasing, while donors for organ transplantation remain in short supply (Zwi-Dantsis and Gepstein, 2012). Indeed, myocardial infarction represents the foremost cause of death within industrialized nations (Henning, 2011) and further, approximately 1% of all newborns harbor a congenital(More)
The directed differentiation of human cardiomyocytes (CMs) from pluripotent cells provides an invaluable model for understanding mechanisms of cell fate determination and offers considerable promise in cardiac regenerative medicine. Here, we utilize a human embryonic stem cell suspension bank, produced according to a good manufacturing practice, to generate(More)
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