Joshua D. Prozialeck

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BACKGROUND & AIMS Gestational alloimmune liver disease is the main cause of the neonatal hemochromatosis phenotype, wherein severe neonatal liver disease is associated with iron overload and extrahepatic tissue siderosis. How fetal liver disease produces extrahepatic siderosis is not known. We hypothesized that fetal liver injury causes deficient hepcidin(More)
OBJECTIVES Anastomotic ulcers are a known cause of anemia in children with a history of intestinal resection. Upper endoscopy and colonoscopy can be used to diagnose these ulcers; however, the area of involvement may be difficult to visualize with standard endoscopic techniques. Capsule endoscopy (CE) offers an alternative method for visualizing the small(More)
In 1968, Wilmore and Dudrick reported an infant sustained by parenteral nutrition (PN) providing a potential for survival for children with significant intestinal resections. Increasing usage of TPN over time led to some patients developing Intestinal Failure Associated Liver Disease (IFALD), a leading cause of death and indication for liver/intestinal(More)
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