Joshua D. Baron

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In this paper we report ongoing research on the Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI), a project aimed at increasing college student retention by performing early detection of academic risk using data mining methods. The paper describes the goals and objectives of the OAAI, and lays out a methodological framework to develop models that can be used to(More)
This paper describes the results on research work performed by the Open Academic Analytics Initiative, an on-going research project aimed at developing an early detection system of college students at academic risk, using data mining models trained using student personal and demographic data, as well as course management data. We report initial findings on(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet enables businesses to advertise their pharmaceutical products and services without medical supervision. The Internet also allows for the unsupervised purchase of medications that may have neurologic consequences. OBJECTIVE To describe acute withdrawal delirium following the abrupt discontinuation of Fioricet. PATIENT The patient(More)
  • Joshua D Baron, Meredith Coombs, Dominic V Duggan, Michael Poli, Deborah Sinnreich-Levi, Arnold Urken
  • 1998
The document provided here is a working draft of the report being developed by the AIT Subcommittee on Web-Based Education Technologies. The purpose of the draft is to provide a specific vehicle through which specific points can be discussed by committee members, seeking to generate a final report which reflects both the collective views and the individual(More)
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