Joshua Crockett

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OBJECT Spiral computed tomography (SCT) and, more recently, multislice SCT (MSCT) angiography have established roles in studying subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Potential advantages in MSCT angiography include rapid acquisition, ready availability, ease of monitoring, high spatial resolution, some temporal resolution, and relative freedom from artifacts. The(More)
Canine ileal segments were luminally perfused with known amounts of polyethylene glycol (PEG), and samples obtained were freed of protein by a cold acetone (CA) method and assayed for PEG by trichloroacetic acid in the presence of calcium cations. This procedure was compared to the Barium salt (BaS) protein precipitation method of Hyden (Ann R Agric Coll(More)
A stable phage-carrying strain of Nocardia erythropolis was isolated from an infection with the nocardiophage phiEC. Growth of the strain in phage-specific antiserum for 48 hr produced cured organisms at a frequency of about 0.5%. Spontaneous curing, determined by serial single-colony isolations, was less than 0.4%. The strain could not be infected by phage(More)
Pre-operative anxiety is common and influences postoperative pain, hospital stay and patient satisfaction. We set out to explore anxiety content and develop a tool to evaluate patient anxiety at the pre-operative assessment clinic. We recruited 128 day surgery patients. Pre-operative anxiety content was explored and six factors (themes) were identified:(More)
The combination of clindamycin phosphate and gentamicin sulfate in treating 53 patients with a variety of serious infections was studied. Initial cultures of specimens from 31 patients yielded both anaerobic and aerobic pathogens. Eleven cultures showed only anaerobic organisms and 11 showed only aerobes. Of patients treated with clindamycin and gentamicin(More)
Cultures of several species of Nocardia, including N. erythropolis Mat-Ce and Mat-cE mating strains, were extracted with solvents in an attempt to isolate an inactivating complex for nocardiophages phiC and phiEC. Ethanol was the only solvent found effective in solubilizing an inhibitory substance. Inactivating extracts were obtained from the cells of all(More)
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