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Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) studies on fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) often show considerable variability in diagnostic accuracy between study centers. Many factors affect the accuracy of FNAC. A complete description of the testing parameters would help make valid comparisons between studies and determine causes of performance variation. We(More)
Invasion percolation with trapping (IPT) and diffusion-limited aggregation (DLA) are simple fractal models, which are known to describe two-phase flow in porous media at well defined, but unphysical limits of the fluid properties and flow conditions. A decade ago, Fernandez, Rangel, and Rivero predicted a crossover from IPT (capillary fingering) to DLA(More)
In this paper, we consider a multi-robot cooperative control problem via a robust consensus tracking algorithm. The main objective of this paper is to develop and implement a multi-robot formation control testbed and use it to verify the effectiveness of a cooperative control algorithm developed in our recent work. In the robust consensus tracking(More)
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