Joshua Congfu He

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Protanomaly is a common, X-linked abnormality of color vision. Like people with normal color vision, protanomalous observers are trichromatic, but their ability to discriminate colors in the red-green part of the spectrum is reduced because the photopigments that mediate discrimination in this range are abnormally similar. Whereas normal subjects have(More)
Deutan observers are a heterogeneous group, varying nearly continuously from deuteranomalous trichromats with fine chromatic discrimination in the red/green range to deuteranopes who have none. We sought to relate chromatic discriminative ability among deutans measured psychophysically (phenotypes) to observers' separation between long-wave visual pigments(More)
Fracture of the bone is a very serious medical condition. In clinical practice, a tired radiologist has been found to miss fracture cases after looking through many images containing healthy bones. Computer detection of fractures can assist the doctors by flagging suspicious cases for closer examinations and thus improve the timeliness and accuracy of their(More)
Individual differences in color matches of normal trichromats are well documented. Recently, variants of the classical Rayleigh match have been measured to explore the cause(s) of these individual differences. Interobserver differences in the wavelength of peak sensitivity of photopigment (lambda max) are of primary interest because they are attributed to(More)
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