Joshua C. T. Khoo

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This paper describes a method of detecting and analyzing breathing rate and approximate depth during physical activity in a Bluetooth Wireless On-Body-Network (OBN) in the context of a Spinal Cord Injured patient. Conventional signal processing techniques and sensor fusion through a Linear Kalman Filter will be used to fuse signals from a piezoelectric(More)
Pedometers are known to have steps estimation issues. This is mainly attributed to their innate acceleration based measuring sensory. A micro-machined gyroscope (better immunity to acceleration) based pedometer is proposed. Through syntactic data recognition of apriori knowledge of human shank's dynamics and temporally précised detection of heel strikes(More)
This paper describes a novel ambulatory multiparameter physiological monitoring system. The ambulatory monitoring system forms a body area network (BAN) and acquires stress related physiological parameters in realtime. The system has been tested in the laboratory and emotional changes have been effectively detected. Keywords-ambulatory; stress;(More)
This paper will concern the post activity performance of a non-invasive method of blood pressure estimation through photoplethysmophgraphy (PPG) and ECG implemented within a body area network (BAN) and validated at 2 non-intrusive locations (arm and leg) on paraplegic spinal cord injured (SCI) patients undergoing rehabilitation. The sensors are connected(More)
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