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An extensive theoretical literature has developed that investigates the role of promotions as a signal of worker ability. There have been no tests, however, of the empirical validity of this idea. In this paper we develop the theory in a manner that allows us to generate testable predictions, and then investigate the validity of these predictions using a(More)
1) Introduction Following a specific establishment over time in longitudinal microdata is often quite complex, especially through periods of corporate restructuring. Failure to accurately define an establishment as surviving over time breaks a continuous linkage and thus falsely defines both a death and a birth. Although the importance of constructing(More)
We propose a new method for using validation data to correct self-reported weight and height in surveys that do not measure respondents. The standard correction in prior research regresses actual measures on reported values using an external validation dataset, and then uses the estimated coefficients to predict actual measures in the primary dataset. This(More)
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