Joshua C. Cochran

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Objectives. This paper examines Gottfredson and Hirschi’s (1990) self-control theory and develops theoretical arguments for why self-control may have a differential effect on offending depending on the level of self-control. Methods. We test the argument that the association between self-control and violent offending (n=5,681) and non-violent offending(More)
To examine the independent contributions of the attentional components of arousal and activation in performance, sleep deprivation was used as the attentional manipulation in a reaction time (RT) task. The subjects were 18 men who underwent 63 hr. of sleep deprivation during which time they periodically performed a simple auditory RT task with manipulations(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine motor memory strategies using sleep deprivation as a probe. Eighteen healthy men participated in a three-day study in which they underwent repeated testing on a kinesthetic arm position replication task. On the morning of Day 3, after approximately 48 hr sleep deprivation, they ingested either 20 mg d-amphetamine or(More)
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