Joshua Berman

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BACKGROUND As low- and middle-income countries face continued shortages of human resources for health and the double burden of infectious and chronic diseases, there is renewed international interest in the potential for community health workers to assume a growing role in strengthening health systems. A growing list of tasks, some of them complex, is being(More)
We consider circuits and expressions whose gates carry out multiplication in a non associative algebra such as a quasigroup or loop We de ne a class we call the polyabelian algebras formed by iterated quasidirect products of Abelian groups We show that a quasigroup can express arbitrary Boolean functions if and only if it is not polyabelian in which case(More)
BACKGROUND Effective communication with patients having limited proficiency in the native language of anesthesia care providers during the perioperative period is often challenging. We describe how we developed, implemented, and evaluated a computerized system to convey frequently used prerecorded phrases related to perioperative anesthesia care in the(More)
In this paper, we describe a system for finding frequently lost personal objects--such as wallets, cell phones, and sunglasses--in the home of the future. We are building a system to handle this task, and have prototyped and tested an interface for this system. In support of this task, we are using accurate indoor position sensing and spatialized audio.
With the support of the World Health Organization's Evidence-Informed Policy Network, knowledge translation platforms have been developed throughout Africa, the Americas, Eastern Europe, and Asia to further evidence-informed national health policy. In this commentary, we discuss the approaches, activities and early lessons learned from the development of a(More)
Online discussions and virtual communities promise to play a key role in our visions of an enlightened and collaborative future world. Yet, attempts to promote the use of such forums run into deep and complex barriers. Instructors and learners must deal with new forms of community, adopt innovative learning styles, master new literacies, and handle(More)
We consider circuits and expressions whose gates carry out multiplication in a non-associative groupoid such as loop. We deene a class we call the polyabelian groupoids, formed by iterated quasidirect products of Abelian groups. We show that a loop can express arbitrary Boolean functions if and only if it is not polyabelian, in which case its Expression(More)
This article examines the political theory of revelation in the narratives of the Hebrew Bible, particularly the theophany at Sinai. Revelation occurs when God communicates information to human beings. The biblical narratives use the modality of a revelation to signal the importance of the message being conveyed. They also identify techniques for limiting(More)
In this paper, we introduce The Commons, which is a novel methodology and toolkit to aid in the design and study of online societies. We first discuss the foundations which led to its inception, and explain the design decisions made along the way to its completion. Next, we describe the system itself. We then describe and analyze the results of a user(More)