Joshua Bautista

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As evidence for the hypothesis on the claim of reduced longevity for left-handers, Coren in 1989 reported data which suggested that left-handers were 1.89 times more likely to report injuries which required medical attention. This left-handed group included both left- and mixed-handed individuals. To clarify the results of his study, we repeated in part(More)
In support of the argument that left-handedness is a marker for decreased survival fitness, in 1991 Coren and Halpern gave considerable weight to the results of their 1988 study in which right-handed baseball players were described as having lived about eight months longer than their left-handed peers. In their 1993 unsuccessful attempt to replicate this(More)
In this study of 137 university students, we examined the relationships among the five dimensions of the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory and three scales that measure aspects of sleep problems. All of the Zimbardo Inventory dimensions correlated significantly with each of the sleep problem-related scales. These data suggest that concern about time,(More)
BACKGROUND Both short and long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollutants have been associated with asthma and reduced lung function. We hypothesized that short-term indoor exposure to fine particulate matter <2.5 μm (PM2.5) and vanadium (V) would be associated with altered buccal cell DNA methylation of targeted asthma genes and decreased lung(More)
In this study, we examined the relationship between the consistency of hand use and the self-reported incidence of accidents with injuries which required medical care in groups of university students (n = 23 for each group). To do this, we adopted a scoring procedure for the Briggs-Nebes Handedness Scale that permitted us to classify individuals as(More)
BACKGROUND Outdoor ambient polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) concentrations are variable throughout an urban environment. However, little is known about how variation in semivolatile and nonvolatile PAHs related to the built environment (open space vs. semi-closed space) contributes to differences in concentrations. METHODS We simultaneously collected(More)
To test the conclusion of a recent study that snoring and disturbing dreams are strongly associated, 199 university undergraduates responded to a questionnaire that assessed their level of snoring and the frequency with which they experienced fantastic nightmares. Contrary to data provided by this recent study, we did not find a significant relationship(More)
The responses of 116 university students were used to assess a possible relation between scores on Hartmann's Boundary Questionnaire and the Briggs-Nebes Handedness Scale. Consistent with our prediction, the mean handedness score of the students with thin boundaries was significantly skewed in the direction of mixed-handedness.
Using several measures of sexual activity, 24 male and 30 female Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to a pretreatment test and 3 posttests (immediate and Recovery Days 4 and 7) following REM sleep deprivation in a water tank. With careful controls, sexual activity was not significantly affected by the sleep treatments. Data do not support motivational(More)
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