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The Religious and Spiritual Struggles Scale: Development and initial validation
Many people experience struggle around religious and spiritual aspects of life, as shown in a steadily growing body of research. A need now exists for more comprehensive, reliable, concise
Transgression as Addiction: Religiosity and Moral Disapproval as Predictors of Perceived Addiction to Pornography
It is indicated that religiosity and moral disapproval of pornography use were robust predictors of perceived addiction to Internet pornography while being unrelated to actual levels of use among pornography consumers.
The Cyber-Pornography Use Inventory: The Development of a New Assessment Instrument
Internet pornography usage has become widespread in recent years, and the task of assessing this usage has proven difficult. Furthermore, assessing this usage in religious populations has proven
Internet Pornography Use: Perceived Addiction, Psychological Distress, and the Validation of a Brief Measure
The authors developed and refined a short 9-item measure of perceived addiction to Internet pornography, confirmed its structure in multiple samples, examined its relatedness to hypersexuality more broadly, and demonstrated that the notion of perceived addicts is very robustly related to various measures of psychological distress.
Perceived addiction to Internet pornography and psychological distress: Examining relationships concurrently and over time.
It is suggested that perceived addiction to Internet pornography, but not pornography use itself, is uniquely related to the experience of psychological distress.
Trait entitlement: A cognitive-personality source of vulnerability to psychological distress.
A review of research is conducted, and a novel, multipart model is described by which entitlement is seen as a cognitive-personality vulnerability to psychological distress, by which entitled individuals are likely to attempt to bolster their entitled self-concept, leading to a reinforcement of entitled beliefs, thereby initiating the cycle again.
Self-reported addiction to pornography in a nationally representative sample: The roles of use habits, religiousness, and moral incongruence
Findings are consistent with prior works that have noted that self-reported pornography addiction is a complex phenomenon that is predicted by both objective behavior and subjective moral evaluations of that behavior.
Declines in American Adults’ Religious Participation and Beliefs, 1972-2014
Previous research found declines in Americans’ religious affiliation but few changes in religious beliefs and practices. By 2014, however, markedly fewer Americans participated in religious
Humbling Yourself before God: Humility as a Reliable Predictor of Lower Divine Struggle
Personality factors such as low agreeableness and psychological entitlement are often highly predictive of spiritual struggle. Our aim was to examine trait humility as a potential predictor of lower
Moral Incongruence and Pornography Use: A Critical Review and Integration
Evidence that moral incongruence about IPU is a common phenomenon and that it is associated with outcomes relevant to current debates about pornography addiction is reviewed, with a focus on how variables other than pornography use might contribute to self-perceived problems around pornography use.