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Travel demand, traffic flow and land-use models are typically modeled in a decoupled way, i.e. each of the components is modeled separately assuming that parameters related to the other components are fixed. Moreover, the models are often developed by different groups for different contexts, requirements, etc. In this paper we present a prototype of a(More)
1 Platooning allows vehicles to travel with small intervehicle distance in a coordinated fashion thanks 2 to vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. When applied at a larger scale, platooning will create signifi-3 cant opportunities for energy savings due to reduced aerodynamic drag, as well as increased road 4 capacity and congestion reduction resulting from(More)
The research team conducted a survey of travel and activity scheduling behavior to better understand senior citizens' trip chaining behavior in the Chicago metropolitan area's most populous counties. The team used an internet-based, prompted recall activity-travel survey using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices to collect activity-travel diaries and(More)
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