Joshua Alfred Lospinoso

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PURPOSE To evaluate the effects of electrolyte replacement protocol (ERP) implementation in the medical intensive care unit (MICU) setting. We hypothesized that a protocol would reduce the time of replacement dose administration and increase provider satisfaction with the process of electrolyte replacement. METHODS This was a retrospective review of(More)
BACKGROUND Significant concern exists regarding the respiratory health of military personnel deployed to Southwest Asia, given their exposures to numerous environmental hazards. Although the deployed military force is generally assumed to be fit, the pre-deployment respiratory health of these individuals is largely unknown. METHODS Soldiers deploying to(More)
This study illustrates the importance of assessing and accounting for time heterogeneity in longitudinal social network analysis. We apply the time heterogeneity model selection procedure of [1] to a dataset collected on social tie formation for university freshman in the Netherlands by [2]. Within the context of analyzing selection effects for smoking(More)
INTRODUCTION Our objective was to measure the diagnostic accuracy of a novel software technology to detect pneumothorax on Brightness (B) mode and Motion (M) mode ultrasonography. METHODS Ultrasonography fellowship-trained emergency physicians performed thoracic ultrasonography at baseline and after surgically creating a pneumothorax in eight intubated,(More)
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