Joshua Albers

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Serum zinc and iron concentrations in a group of pregnant teen-agers supplemented with a multivitamin were compared during pregnancy with a group supplemented with a multivitamin containing 18 mg Fe. Serum measurements were at 13 wk of gestational age (prestudy) and during supplementation at 20, 32, and 38 wk, delivery, and 4 and 12 wk postpartum.(More)
For more than three years the surgeons of the Clinic of Craniofacial Surgery of the University of Heidelberg and the engineers of the Institute of Process Control and Robotics (IPR) of the University of Karlsruhe have been cooperating to devise an intelligent surgical robotic system for craniofacial surgery. In July 1998 a new surgical robotics system, a RX(More)
Verification of mxlels for fabrication of shallow arsenic junctions, " to be published. The PORT mathernati-cal subroutine library, " A C M Trans. Direct observation of the gate c'xide electric field distribution in silicon MOSFET's, " IEEE Ele,:tron Device Lett. Analysis of the impurity ;.tom distribution near the diffusion mask for a planar p-n junction,(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the sensitivity, specificity, and pain associated with nerve conduction velocity testing and a new modality, the Pressure-Specified Sensory Device, in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome. The authors evaluated 79 patients, including 26 control subjects, and made the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome based on the(More)
Numerous studies have suggested a significant role of selenium in the prevention of gynecological carcinoma. These were epidemiological and prospective in humans and therapeutic in laboratory animals. However, no studies have been reported regarding the normal serum selenium levels during pregnancy. The maternal total blood volume increases 30-50% during(More)