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The relevance of big five trait content in behavior to subjective authenticity: do high levels of within-person behavioral variability undermine or enable authenticity achievement?
Investigating the consequences for authenticity found that authenticity was consistently associated with acting highly extraverted, agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, and intellectual, regardless of the actor's traits. Expand
The General Factor of Personality: A General Critique.
It is shown that a general factor is not: The first factor or component of a correlation or covariance matrix, and alternative ways of estimating the general factor saturation that are more appropriate are demonstrated. Expand
Do extraverts get more bang for the buck? Refining the affective-reactivity hypothesis of extraversion.
It is demonstrated that extraverts show greater affective-reactivity only in response to clearly appetitive stimuli and situations (e.g., where rewards are being pursued), and it is shown that it is specifically activated affect, rather than pleasantly valenced affect, that characterizes the affectives of extraverts. Expand
Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence: An Integrative Model with a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Porn-related problems—particularly feelings of addiction to pornography—may be, in many cases, better construed as functions of discrepancies—moral incongruence—between pornography-related beliefs and pornography- related behaviors. Expand
Associations of Perceived Addiction to Internet Pornography with Religious/Spiritual and Psychological Functioning
ABSTRACT Prior work has shown that religious individuals tend to be critical of Internet pornography (IP). Additionally, people who harbor negative views about their own IP use are more likely toExpand
Affect, Behaviour, Cognition and Desire in the Big Five: An Analysis of Item Content and Structure
An assessment of Big–Five traits that delineates ABCD components of each trait is presented, and the discussion focuses on how this assessment builds upon current approaches of assessing personality. Expand
Sense of direction: General factor saturation and associations with the Big-Five traits
article i nfo The ability to locate and orient ourselves with respect to environmental space is known as sense of direction ("SOD"). While there is considerable evidence for the predictive utility ofExpand
The Eriksonian Life Story: Developmental Scripts and Psychosocial Adaptation
An individual’s life story may be conceptualized as a developmental script comprising the psychological reconstruction of one’s remembered past, experienced present, and anticipated future. TheExpand
The dynamic role of personality states in mediating the relationship between extraversion and positive affect.
The results supported the dynamic hypothesis and suggested that dynamic explanations of the relationship between trait extraversion and trait positive affect are compatible with structural explanations and an important implication is that individuals might be able to increase their happiness by self-regulating their extraverted states. Expand