Joshua A. Tabak

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BACKGROUND Interscan variability of coronary arterial plaque volume and composition quantification with coronary computed tomographic angiography (CCTA), an important attribute when considering CCTA as a serial modality, has not been examined. OBJECTIVE We sought to systematically determine intraobserver- and interobserver-interscan reproducibility of(More)
Research has shown that people are able to judge sexual orientation from faces with above-chance accuracy, but little is known about how these judgments are formed. Here, we investigated the importance of well-established face processing mechanisms in such judgments: featural processing (e.g., an eye) and configural processing (e.g., spatial distance(More)
Attitudes are not static, but constructed at the moment of the evaluation, incorporating temporary contextual influences. How do meaningful events that naturally occur within a culture, such as a national holiday, shape evaluative judgments of objects related to the holiday? We focused on evaluations of red roses and gift chocolates, which are everyday(More)
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