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People who engage in self-injurious behaviors such as cutting and burning may have altered pain perception. Using a community sample, we examined group differences in pain threshold and pain endurance between participants who self-injured and control participants who were exposed to pressure pain applied to the finger. Participants who self-injured had(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objectives were to study delayed xenograft rejection and the effectiveness of pretransplantation total lymphoid irradiation combined with immunosuppression on rejection in a pig-to-baboon cardiac xenograft model. METHODS Baboons were treated with pretransplantation total lymphoid irradiation, cyclosporine A (INN: ciclosporin), and(More)
The source of wear debris in total hip arthroplasty may occur at various interfaces: metal-ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene bearings, metal-cement micromotion, bone-cement interfaces, and implant coatings. Wear-induced osteolysis may result in a spectrum of radiographic changes from radiolucent lines to massive osteolysis. Subsequent loosening of(More)
It has been suggested that stimulus dependence is a general feature of all developing sensory systems. We tested this idea for the developing zebrafish vestibular system using a bioreactor the National Aeronautic and Space Agency designed to simulate microgravity for cells in culture on earth. We replaced the culture medium with aquarium water and(More)
Racemic D,L-lactate has long been used in burn therapy as Ringer's lactate and in peritoneal dialysis fluid for treatment of renal failure. The D-lactate component of this racemic mixture is known to cause two forms of neurological toxicity in patients: encephalopathy and, in a subset of the population, panic reaction. Here we demonstrate that coma, similar(More)
Several vulnerabilities of single-photon detectors have recently been exploited to compromise the security of quantum-key-distribution (QKD) systems. In this Letter, we report the first proof-of-principle implementation of a new quantum-key-distribution protocol that is immune to any such attack. More precisely, we demonstrated this new approach to QKD in(More)
The question of whether the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical predictions can be alleviated by supplementing the wave function with additional information has received a lot of attention during the past century. A few specific models have been suggested and subsequently falsified. Here we give a more general answer to this question: We provide(More)
It has been hypothesized that the emotionality of the female rat is reduced at estrus. In confirmation of previous research, it was found that administration of estradiol benzoate (EB;20 mug/kg) to female rats of the Maudsley Reactive (MR) strain increased open-field activity and decreased open-field defecation. In addition, ovariectomy increased open-field(More)