Joshua A. Silverman

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The Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) is an inventory of beliefs about life. These beliefs attribute happiness to external events and reflect absolute expectations for one's own behavior and that of others. Such beliefs, according to some cognitive theorists, predispose persons to depression. To test this theory, we administered the DAS to private(More)
We report a novel molecular ruler for measurement of distances and distance distributions with accurate external calibration. Using solution X-ray scattering we determine the scattering interference between two gold nanocrystal probes attached site-specifically to a macromolecule of interest. Fourier transformation of the interference pattern provides a(More)
The authors studied a group of young ballerinas through responses to a questionnaire and intensive interviews. The young women described a life characterized by complete dedication in which academics, social life, and pleasures were sacrificed and a program of intensive exercise and practice became their main activity. They tended to feel overweight in(More)
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