Joshua A. Schultz

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An approach to construct an elastic transmission mechanism for a compliant underactuated robotic hand from the interconnection of smaller compliant mechanisms is proposed, and a mathematical model for the interaction between multiple actuators and multiple digits is developed. It is proven that any interconnection of compliant objects results in an elastic(More)
Extremely resilient actuators can built by collecting force-generating, computational, and sensing modules together to fit into the allotted volume. Including extra modules makes the actuator damage tolerant. This modular architecture allows an actuator at any performance point to be easily synthesized from a small number of component parts. The embedded(More)
Years of empirical trials have refined set angles for the arthrodesis, or surgical fusion, of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb. We capitalize on this knowledge to simplify the design and operation of the thumb throughout a similar range of motion by eliminating a degree of freedom, as inspired by the Steiger arthrodesis. A novel rolling(More)
This article presents a prototype robotic finger that has more human-like functionality than other simplified robotic fingers but is more manufacturable than efforts to directly copy human anatomy. A mathematical model that captures the relationship between joint angles and tendon excursions for the finger's simplified flexor and extensor systems is(More)
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