Joshua A. Lospinoso

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This paper explores time heterogeneity in stochastic actor oriented models (SAOM) proposed by Snijders (Sociological Methodology. Blackwell, Boston, pp 361-395, 2001) which are meant to study the evolution of networks. SAOMs model social networks as directed graphs with nodes representing people, organizations, etc., and dichotomous relations representing(More)
Humans are autonomous, intelligent, and adaptive agents. By adopting social network analysis techniques, we submit a framework for the study of dynamic networks and demonstrate the use of actor-oriented specifications in longitudinal networks. Through the use of a unique command and control dataset from experiments run at the US Military Academy, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects 1-5% of pediatric patients. Laboratory polysomnography is expensive, not always available, and is inconvenient for patients. Our study investigates the diagnostic ability of an unattended ambulatory monitor for the diagnosis of pediatric OSA. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in children, ages(More)
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