Joshua A. Lawson

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BACKGROUND The association between endotoxin exposure and asthma is complex and has been associated with rural living. We examined the relationship between domestic endotoxin and asthma or wheeze among rural school-aged children (6-18 years) and assessed the interaction between endotoxin and other characteristics with these outcomes. METHODS Between 2005(More)
BACKGROUND Estimates of asthma incidence and its possible determinants in adolescent populations have rarely been obtained using prospective designs. We sought to identify socio-demographic and other patterns in the incidence of asthma among Canadian adolescents and to examine possible behavioural and environmental determinants of asthma incidence using(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is prevalent in rural communities in Canada, however little is known about the social determinants of health and obesity in rural populations. Socioeconomic status has been found to be inversely associated with the risk of obesity in developed countries. This study investigated the relationship between income adequacy, education and(More)
To date, determinants of respiratory health in First Nations people living on reserves and means of addressing and redressing those determinants have not been well established. Hence the Saskatchewan First Nations Lung Health Project (FNLHP) is a new prospective cohort study of aboriginal people being conducted in two First Nations reserves to evaluate(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES We investigated associations between weight status, activity level, and diet with asthma or wheeze as well as the interrelationship between these factors. METHODS We conducted a case-control study of 6-18-year olds from 2005 to 2007. Cases (n = 87) were subjects reporting episodes or breathing medication use along with doctor-diagnosed(More)
The prevalence of being overweight during childhood continues to increase in the USA and Canada and children living in rural areas are more at risk than their urban counterparts. The objectives of this study were to evaluate how well the parent's perception of their child's weight status correlated with objectively measured weight status among a group of(More)
Background. Ear infections in children are a major health problem and may be associated with hearing impairment and delayed language development. Objective. To determine the prevalence and the associated risk factors of ear infections in children 6-17 years old residing on two reserves and rural areas in the province of Saskatchewan. Methodology. Data were(More)
In some occupational contexts overweight and obesity have been identified as risk factors for injury. The purpose of this study was to examine this hypothesis within farm work environments and then to identify specific opportunities for environmental modification as a preventive strategy. Data on farm-related injuries, height and weight used to calculate(More)
The role of place has emerged as an important factor in determining people's health experiences. Rural populations experience an excess in mortality and morbidity compared to those in urban settings. One of the factors thought to contribute to this rural-urban health disparity is access to healthcare. The objective of this analysis was to examine access to(More)
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