Joshua A. Drew

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Endemism is thought to be relatively rare in marine systems due to the lack of allopatric barriers and the potential for long-distance colonization via pelagic larval dispersal. Although many species of coral reef fishes exhibit regionally restricted color variants that are suggestive of regional endemism, such variation is typically ascribed to(More)
Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform for short messages that can have a long-term impact on how scientists create and publish ideas. We investigate the usefulness of Twitter in the development and distribution of scientific knowledge. At the start of the 'life cycle' of a scientific publication, Twitter provides a large virtual department of(More)
BACKGROUND This report identifies demographic and health-related baseline factors associated with non-compliance and attrition in elderly subjects participating in a preventive intervention study over a 4-year follow-up period. METHODS The Cox proportional hazards model and polychotomous logistic regression were used to evaluate time to clinic assessment(More)
BACKGROUND This study presents behavioral outcomes at 1-year follow-up from a preventive services intervention trial with Medicare beneficiaries. METHODS The health promotion package consisted of goal setting and counseling based on a health risk appraisal and a series of eight educational sessions. All subjects completed a health risk appraisal(More)
This study examines the longitudinal (48 months) effects of a preventive services intervention trial with Medicare beneficiaries. The health promotion intervention incorporated a series of workshops and targeted individualized counseling dealing primarily with nutrition and exercise. All subjects completed a health risk appraisal (HRA) questionnaire, which(More)
Delineating barriers to connectivity is important in marine reserve design as they describe the strength and number of connections among a reserve's constituent parts, and ultimately help characterize the resilience of the system to perturbations at each node. Here we demonstrate the utility of multi-taxa phylogeography in the design of a system of marine(More)
The Pomacentrid fish Chrysiptera rex (Snyder 1909) is a small conspicuous member of Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Despite having planktonic larvae, which would seem to facilitate genetic and morphological homogeneity, it possesses three distinct color variations, which are geographically restricted. To investigate the presence of possible incipient speciation,(More)
Diverse classrooms offer distinct advantages over homogeneous classrooms, for example by providing a greater diversity of perspectives and opportunities. However, there is substantial underrepresentation of numerous groups throughout science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, from secondary schools through professional ranks and(More)