Joshua A Desotelle

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Senescence is a distinct cellular response induced by DNA-damaging agents and other sublethal stressors and may provide novel benefits in cancer therapy. However, in an ageing model, senescent fibroblasts were found to stimulate the proliferation of cocultured cells. To address whether senescence induction in cancer cells using chemotherapy induces similar(More)
Galanin is a 29-amino-acid peptide that colocalizes with GnRH in hypothalamic neurons. High concentrations of galanin are present in portal vessel blood of both male and female rats, and galanin receptors are present on gonadotropes in both sexes. Results from studies of female rats indicate that galanin acts at the level of the pituitary to directly(More)
The hypothalamic peptide GnRH is the primary neuroendocrine signal regulating pituitary LH in females. The neuropeptide galanin is cosecreted with GnRH from hypothalamic neurons, and in vitro studies have demonstrated that galanin can act at the level of the pituitary to directly stimulate LH secretion and also augment GnRH-stimulated LH secretion. Several(More)
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