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Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a fieldof research that promises to change the landscape oftraditional network topology and management. Researchers and early adopters need adequate SDNtesting facilities. Industry is responding with embeddedsupport for SDN in their enterprise grade networkhardware, but is cost prohibitive for many research(More)
Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow have forever changed the landscape of computer networking. Researchers and leading IT corporations have been embracing this evolution in recent years, but greater commercial and industrial acceptance is contingent upon successful “real-world” testing. Testing which focuses on the stability and(More)
Unauthorized access of personal or proprietary information seems to be a routine. A better understanding of the health of our networks can help us identify network anomalies that indicate malicious activity and other latent, systemic issues. Software-Defined Networks (SDN) enable the collection of network operational and configuration data that are not(More)
The unauthorized access or theft of sensitive, personal information is becoming a weekly news item. The illegal dissemination of proprietary information to media outlets or competitors costs industry untold millions in remediation costs and losses every year. The 2013 data breach at Target, Inc. that impacted 70 million customers is estimated to cost(More)
An emerging field of research, Software Defined Networks (SDN) promises to change the landscape of traditional network topology and management. Researchers and early adopters alike need adequate SDN testing facilities for their experiments but their options are limited. Industry is responding slowly with embedded support for SDN in their enterprise grade(More)
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