Josh Skorupski

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Trophectoderm (TE) biopsy and DNA microarray have become the new technologies for preimplantation genetic diagnosis in humans. In this study, we comprehensively examined aneuploid formation in human blastocysts produced in vitro with microarray and investigated the clinical outcome after transfer of euploid embryos. Biopsied cells from either TE or inner(More)
Irs2-mediated insulin/IGF1 signaling in the CNS modulates energy balance and glucose homeostasis; however, the site for Irs2 function is unknown. The hormone leptin mediates energy balance by acting on leptin receptor (LepR-b)-expressing neurons. To determine whether LepR-b neurons mediate the metabolic actions of Irs2 in the brain, we utilized Lepr(cre)(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Successful egg cryopreservation has many potential benefits to a variety of patients. However, a superior standard protocol describing all aspects of oocyte cryopreservation has not yet been identified. Oocyte cryopreservation is still a technical challenge for many infertility clinics. To maintain satisfactory clinical outcomes,(More)
To examine the prevalence of aneuploidy in human blastocysts resulting from donated eggs and embryo implantation after transfer of normal euploid embryos. Also, to assess the necessity of preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) for embryos produced with donor eggs. Blastocysts from donor-recipient cycles were biopsied for PGS (PGS group) and the samples(More)
Uterine leiomyomas (ULs) are benign monoclonal tumors originating from myometrial tissue in the uterus. Genetic pathways that lead to myometrial transformation into leiomyomas are largely unknown. Approximately 40% of ULs are karyotypically abnormal by G-banding; however, the remaining 60% of leiomyomas do not contain cytogenetically visible genomic(More)
A previous study comparing the performance of different platforms for DNA microarray found that the oligonucleotide (oligo) microarray platform containing 385K isothermal probes had the best performance when evaluating dosage sensitivity, precision, specificity, sensitivity and copy number variations border definition. Although oligo microarray platform has(More)
Inhibitory signaling through Tyr985 of the leptin receptor contributes to the attenuation of anorectic leptin action in obese animals. Leptin receptor (LEPR-B) Tyr985Leu homozygote mutant mice (termed l/l) were previously generated to study Tyr985's contributions to inhibition of LEPR-B signaling; young female l/l mice display a lean, leptin-sensitive(More)
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