Josh Silverstein

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Experiments on chemical disinfection by iodinated resins were conducted on STS 50 (USML-1), which flew a 13 day mission during 1992. Fluid processing apparatus containing microorganisms and iodinated resins was assembled in either Manhattan, Kansas, or Boulder, Colorado, and loaded on-board the Space Shuttle for the mission. Pentaiodide resin was more(More)
Title of Document: INVESTIGATION OF THIOLATED POLYMER IN GENE DELIVERY Irene Bacalocostantis Directed By: Professor Peter Kofinas, Fischell Department of Bioengineering Thiol-containing bioreducible polymers show significant potential as delivery vectors in gene therapy, a rapidly growing field which seeks to treat genetic-based disorders by delivering(More)
A rapid, simple, and direct (RSD) assay of eluate from filter concentration was developed to enumerate low numbers of MS2 bacteriophage, used as a surrogate for enteric viruses, from samples collected from a prototype-sized water recycling system. The RSD assay utilized a 50-ml eluate volume in a modified single-layer assay, neutralizing eluate pH by(More)
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