Josh S Shimony

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OBJECTIVE HIV preferentially affects white matter in the brain. Although combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) reduces HIV viral load within the brain, continued inflammation can persist. We investigated the effect of HIV and cART on white matter integrity. DESIGN We used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to examine the effects of HIV and cART on white(More)
OBJECTIVE The abdominal compartment syndrome is a potentially fatal condition resulting from pathologic elevation of intraabdominal pressure. We evaluated preoperative abdominal CT scans of four patients with proven abdominal compartment syndrome to identify signs of increased intraabdominal pressure. CONCLUSION CT findings common to all four patients(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoglycaemic events can be a serious complication of insulin therapy in Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Severe hypoglycaemic exposure can lead to episodic memory impairments, including anterograde amnesia. However, relatively little is known regarding the long-term impact of severe hypoglycaemia on brain structure in Type 1 diabetes mellitus. The(More)
PURPOSE Investigate the potential of magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) to differentiate and delineate tissues with different viscoelastic properties, with the purpose of applying MRE to differentiate and delineate recurrent brain tumor and radiation necrosis. METHODS To simulate tumor or radiation necrosis inside normal brain tissue, a 10 mm radius(More)
Results of a search for a predicted enhancement of several microbarns in the charm photoproduction cross section just above threshold are reported. No charm decays were detected, from which an upper limit to the charm cross section of 94nb (90% CL) at E = 10 GeV was obtained. Upper Y limits in the range 270 to 450nb were also obtained for the peak cross(More)
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