Josh Pinkston

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We conducted a 10 year review of the literature pertaining to psychopharmacology and mental retardation. Studies were included or excluded from the review based on meeting one or more of the methodological criteria normally considered fundamental for sound scientific research. The vast majority of studies conducted in the last 10 years in this area had(More)
Many studies report that a wage premium is paid to men and women who work in predominantly male jobs. There is little research, however, as to whether this premium is larger than the compensation workers demand for the less desirable, non-wage characteristics of such jobs (e.g., longer working hours, more physical effort, and unpleasant working conditions).(More)
We study the design of profit maximizing single unit auctions under the assumption that the seller needs to incur costs to contact prospective bidders and inform them about the auction. With independent bidders’ types and possibly interdependent valuations, the seller’s problem can be reduced to a search problem in which the surplus is measured in terms of(More)
A large literature has examined the healthcare consequences of obesity. A major barrier to careful study of these consequences is reliance on self-reported measures of weight and height. Previous research has developed algorithms to adjust for such error among working age adults. In this study we consider elderly adults, a group likely to differ in(More)
This paper takes a new approach to testing whether employer learning is public or private. We show that public and private learning schemes make two distinct predictions about the curvature of the wage growth path when a worker changes jobs, since less information about worker’s productivity is transferred to a new employer in the private learning case than(More)
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