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Dyspnea and the decrease in arterial saturation in the upright position in elderly subjects is described as platypnea-orthodeoxia syndrome (POS). POS is secondary to the occurrence of an atrial right-to-left shunt through a patent foramen ovale (PFO). This French multicentric study reports on 78 patients (mean age 67 ± 11.3 years) with POS who had(More)
A prospective study of type IV collagen in urothelial tissues was undertaken using an immunoperoxidase method on 125 ethanol fixed specimens. In normal and non cancerous urothelium, the basement membrane was continuously stained and the same pattern was seen in the 27 superficial carcinomas. In the 48 invasive bladder carcinomas, we observed two patterns of(More)
BACKGROUND With aging, the deterioration of the ability to rise from a chair constitutes a major source of disability and a factor contributing to the loss of autonomy. The aim of this study was to describe kinematic and electromyographic characteristics of rising from a chair during a Sit-to-Walk task and to investigate the relationships between lower limb(More)
Cushing’s disease is an endocrine disorder defined by hypercortisolemia resulting from overproduction of adrenocorticotropic hormone by a pituitary adenoma. Cushing’s disease has many potentially devastating systemic sequelae and increased mortality, which are reversible with control of the cortisol excess.14 Once the diagnosis of Cushing’s disease has been(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer 5-year relative survival is low in the North East London Cancer Network (NELCN). METHODS We compared breast cancer that was diagnosed during 2001-2005 with that in the rest of London. RESULTS North East London Cancer Network women more often lived in socioeconomic quintile 5 (42 vs 21%) and presented with advanced disease (11 vs(More)
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and is characterized by the appearance of rapidly developing tumor lesions in the lymph nodes, spleen, liver, bone marrow or other organs. Primary extranodal presentations of this entity in bone are rare (5% of all extranodal lymphomas) and their initial manifestation is usually(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to investigate differences in total center of pressure (TCOP) paths during a Sit-to-Walk task in young and elderly subjects. METHOD Nine young and 19 elderly subjects were asked to repeat five Sit-to-Walk tasks. The COP paths were computed during the rising from vertical forces. RESULTS For 4 young and 17 elderly subjects, the(More)
Les auteurs rapportent un cas de léiomyoblastome gastrique responsable ďune obstruction pylorique chez un patient âgé. Cette tumeur a pu bénéficier ďune exérèse endoscopique permettant ďune part le diagnostic histologique exact, ďautre part la disparition des signes cliniques. Les difficultés diagnostiques et ľincertitude évolutive des téiomyoblastomes sont(More)
Les auteurs, à propos de 46 cas personnels, soulignent l'intérêt de l'endoscopie dans le dépistage des cancers gastriques superficiels — ce terme est préférable à celui de «au début». Les indications doivent être larges. Toute anomalie gastrique doit donner lieu à de multiples biopsies couplées à l'examen cytologique. La disparition d'une ulcération n'est(More)
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