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For analytical or semianalytical retrieval of shallow-water bathymetry and/or optical properties of the water column from remote sensing, the contribution to the remotely sensed signal from the water column has to be separated from that of the bottom. The mathematical separation involves three diffuse attenuation coefficients: one for the downwelling(More)
In earlier studies of passive remote sensing of shallow-water bathymetry, bottom depths were usually derived by empirical regression. This approach provides rapid data processing, but it requires knowledge of a few true depths for the regression parameters to be determined, and it cannot reveal in-water constituents. In this study a newly developed(More)
Immunoperoxidase staining of frozen sections is a cost-effective technic for immunophenotyping cells of lymphoid tissue. Because this procedure is not performed in many institutions, a simple method to transport fresh tissue to centers performing these studies is required. Tissues in saline at refrigerator temperature may be successfully transported. In(More)
A memory sense-amplifier timing circuit emulates the behavior of weak memory tail-bits to improve Tail-Bit Tracking (TBT) across Process, Voltage and Temperature. The TBT circuit is used to generate timing for a search operation in a 32nm Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) compiler resulting in 200mV Vmin improvement at a constant performance, and(More)
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