Josh Parr

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  • J H Parr
  • 1987
Serum concentration of free T3 and, in female patients, FT4, were found to be lower in 20 asymptomatic, moderately-poor or well controlled, diabetics treated with insulin than in a group of non-diabetic subjects. Over a mean 3-month period of the study a significant fall occurred in HbA1 concentration in both groups of diabetics without change in free(More)
Psychologists in Long-Term Care (PLTC), a national network established in 1983, has developed, with input from colleagues and consumers, standards for psychological practice in long-term care facilities. These standards address provider characteristics, methods of referral, assessment practices, treatment, and ethical issues. This article describes the(More)
Thirty-four patients with Graves' disease, first rendered euthyroid with antithyroid drugs (ATD) then given supplementary thyroxine (T4), were randomly allocated to three treatment groups. In Group I ATD and T4 were stopped 10 days before partial thyroidectomy and the patients were treated with Lugol's iodine alone. In Group II the patients were treated up(More)
Hematological parameters were studied in female patients receiving reverse-sequential anti-androgen therapy for hirsutism and acne. A significant fall in hemoglobin, total red cell count and packed cell volume occurred after 3-month treatment in 30 patients during the 10-day cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol phase; this change was sustained in 14(More)
C-peptide and proinsulin levels were studied in hyper and hypothyroidism both pre and post-treatment and in comparison to matched normals. Fasting C-peptide was reduced in untreated hyperthyroidism (0.4 +/- 0.2 (mean +/- SEM) vs 0.7 +/- 0.2 nmol/l, P less than 0.05) but returned to normal levels following treatment. Fasting proinsulin was elevated in(More)
A case of hyperandrogenism and virilization is described in an elderly female. She had elevated testosterone levels, but normal DHEAS and 24-h urinary 17-oxosteroid excretion, suggesting an ovarian tumor. Stimulation and suppression tests, and radioisotopic and radiological scans proved unhelpful in the diagnosis although hyperthecosis of the ovary was(More)
A 63 year old man presented with features of the glucagonoma syndrome, that is thromboembolic disease, weight loss, raised sedimentation rate, diabetes mellitus, hypoproteinaemia and reduced plasma amino acid levels, but without necrolytic migratory erythema. The plasma glucagon level was raised and the tumour was demonstrated by abdominal CT scan.(More)
In this thesis, I argue that funeral processions were practiced at Knossos between LMII and LMIIIB, particularly in conjunction with the chamber tombs that emerged during this period. In conjunction with this, I argue that chamber tombs were designed to accommodate and enhance the effect of the funeral procession. I begin by situating the chamber tomb(More)