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Data sharing is important in the biological sciences to prevent duplication of effort, to promote scientific integrity, and to facilitate and disseminate scientific discovery. Sharing requires centralized repositories, and submission to and utility of these resources require common data formats. This is particularly challenging for multidimensional(More)
Data-intensive research depends on tools that manage multi-dimensional, heterogeneous data sets. We have built OME Remote Objects (OMERO), a software platform that enables access to and use of a wide range of biological data. OMERO uses a server-based middleware application to provide a unified interface for images, matrices, and tables. OMERO's design and(More)
Imaging data are used in the life and biomedical sciences to measure the molecular and structural composition and dynamics of cells, tissues, and organisms. Datasets range in size from megabytes to terabytes and usually contain a combination of binary pixel data and metadata that describe the acquisition process and any derived results. The OMERO image data(More)
In this paper, we present a framework to allow community leaders, politicians, outside philanthropic interests, and any other members of the general public to effect positive community transformation through the visualization of community statistics and the mobilization of resources. Our framework includes three websites: for visualizing statistics [1],(More)
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