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Death-Free Dairy? The Ethics of Clean Milk
The possibility of “clean milk”—dairy produced without the need for cows—has been championed by several charities, companies, and individuals. One can ask how those critical of the contemporary dairy
Should vegans compromise?
  • Josh Milburn
  • Philosophy
    Critical Review of International Social and…
  • 1 March 2020
ABSTRACT In two recent articles, Marcus William Hunt has posed questions about raising children as vegans. In ‘Parental Compromise’, he argues that pro-vegan-children parents should compromise with
Chewing Over In Vitro Meat: Animal Ethics, Cannibalism and Social Progress
It is suggested that animal ethicists and vegans should be willing to cautiously embrace the production of in vitro flesh, and the position that cannibalism simpliciter is not morally problematic, though a great many practices typically associated with it are.
Robert Nozick on Nonhuman Animals: Rights, Value and the Meaning of Life
In his chapter, Josh Milburn argues that Robert Nozick considers nonhuman animals in his philosophical writings, but that these discussions are downplayed in animal ethics and Nozick scholarship.
In Defence of Backyard Chickens
Suppose that animals have rights. If so, may you go down to your local farm store, buy some chicks, raise them in your backyard, and eat their eggs? You wouldn't think so. But we argue, to the
Not Only Humans Eat Meat: Companions, Sentience, and Vegan Politics
This paper considers the under-analysed ethical issues involved in feeding flesh to companion animals, and, in particular, how cats – nonhuman animals who may need to consume flesh to survive – might
Critical terms for animal studies
“Critical terms” books are a distinctive genre. If this volume is representative, they are not typical edited collections; Critical Terms for Animal Studies is not a venue for original research. Th...
The demandingness of Nozick’s ‘Lockean’ proviso
Interpreters of Robert Nozick’s political philosophy fall into two broad groups concerning his application of the ‘Lockean proviso’. Some read his argument in an undemanding way: individual instances
Rabbits, Stoats and the Predator Problem: Why a Strong Animal Rights Position Need Not Call for Human Intervention to Protect Prey from Predators
Animal rights positions face the ‘predator problem’: the suggestion that if the rights of nonhuman animals are to be protected, then we are obliged to interfere in natural ecosystems to protect prey