Josh Kinsler

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College graduates with a science or business related degree earn up to 25% larger wages than other college graduates. However, individuals do not always pursue careers related to their major, generating within-major gaps in wages that are similar in size to the across major gaps. As an example, science majors who work in jobs related to their field of study(More)
Millions of students are suspended from public school each year in the United States. Critics argue that suspensions infringe upon a student’s right to an education, while schools insist that discipline is necessary to protect the educational rights of every student. Using a unique data set from North Carolina, I estimate an equilibrium model of student(More)
We estimate a model where workers are heterogeneous both in their own productivity and in their ability to facilitate the productivity of others. We use data from professional basketball to measure the importance of peers in productivity because we have clear measures of output, and members of a worker’s group change on a regular basis. Our empirical(More)
We develop a theoretical and computational model of equilibrium school choice and achievement that embeds information asymmetries in the production of education. School effort is unobservable to households and the policy-maker, leading to moral hazard problems. Although households can monitor school effort, they differ in their ability to do so. Since(More)
In a provocative and influential paper, Jesse Rothstein (2010) finds that standard value-added models (VAMs) suggest implausible future teacher effects on past student achievement, a finding that obviously cannot be viewed as causal. This is the basis of a falsification test (the Rothstein falsification test) that appears to indicate bias in VAM estimates(More)
OBJECTIVES The frequency and magnitude of depictions of risky events and unintentional injuries in top ranked children's animated and live action television programs was assessed. METHODS Qualitative and quantitative media content analysis were used. Scenes from television episodes were examined for the depiction of risky events and unintentional(More)
This paper investigates whether public official selection methods affect policymaking. I compare the policy choices of public officials who are selected and held accountable in very different ways bureaucrats and politicians for the case of city treasurers. The analysis draws on rich data from California to examine whether cities with appointed or elected(More)
Parental investments in early childhood have been shown to have a large impact on skill acquisition. In this paper, we examine how beliefs about a child’s relative skill influences investment and how these beliefs are determined. Using data from the ECLS-K, we first show that parental beliefs about a child’s skill relative to children of the same age is(More)
We use non-experimental data from a large panel of schools and districts to evaluate curricular effectiveness. Using matching methods, we estimate causal curriculum effects at a fraction of what it would cost to produce experimental estimates. Furthermore, external validity concerns that are particularly cogent in experimental curricular evaluations suggest(More)