Josh I. Gold

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Decision-making behavior has been studied extensively, but the neurophysiological mechanisms responsible for this remarkable cognitive ability are just beginning to be understood. Here we propose neural computations that can account for the formation of categorical decisions about sensory stimuli by accumulating information over time into a single quantity:(More)
Behaviour often depends on the ability to make categorical judgements about sensory information acquired over time. Such judgements require a comparison of the evidence favouring the alternatives, but how the brain forms these comparisons is unknown. Here we show that in a visual discrimination task, the accumulating balance of sensory evidence favouring(More)
A novel method for feature extraction has been applied to a problem of three dimensional object recognition Intrator and Gold The method is related to recent statistical theory Huber Friedman and is derived from a biologically motivated computational theory Bienenstock et al Results of an initial study replicating recent psychophysical experiments B ultho(More)
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