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Abdala, V. Abel, R. Adams, M. Agger, P. Agnew, A. Akita, K. Allen, K. Altshuler, D. Anderson, R. Arana-Chavez, V. Arbuthnott, G. Artinger, K. Ascenzi, M.G. Ashwell, K. Astruc, T. Ayoub, A. Bagriantsev, S. Balanoff, A. Barak, M. Barber, L. Bastir, M. Bebej, R. Beirer, M. Berta, A. Berthonnaud, E. Bever, G. Billet, G. Bird, N. Blotto, B. Bocaege, E. Bodle,(More)
  • Luis Obispo, Blake Daylor, Josh Fisher, Alan Michelen Ruiz
  • 2016
Hydrogen embrittlement of high-strength steel (4340M) was quantified through tensile testing and fractography (SEM). Three types of samples were obtained: rotating beam fatigue specimens, round (notched) tensile specimens, and flat panel specimens. In addition, three different plating types were analyzed (Ni, Cr, Cd-Ti) with a set of samples that was shot(More)
Serum sodium concentration affects every cell in the body with respect to cellular tonicity. Hyponatremia is the most frequent electrolyte abnormality encountered, occurring at clinical admission in 22% of elderly patients. Any rapid correction of chronic severe hyponatremia can result in rapid cellular shrinking due to loss of intracellular free water.(More)
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