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  • J P Caldwell
  • 1982
Pinworm infestation (enterobiasis, syn. oxyuriasis), though not usually dangerous, remains one of the commonest parasitic infections seen by the family physician. Particularly prevalent in the pediatric age group, pinworms also infect adults; in both groups the commonest symptom is pruritus ani. Detailed descriptions of history, life cycle, and epidemiology(More)
In February 1985, a Canadian medical relief team was established in a northern Ethiopia refugee camp. Volunteer physicians, nurses, and support staff have worked in the camp since February 1985. Their activities range from supervising intensive feeding programs, to controlling infections, to educating patients. About 300-400 patients visit the outpatient(More)
Marbled salamanders (Ambystoma opacum) are among the many amphibian species that breed at Carolina bays, natural wetlands of the southeastern Atlantic Coastal Plain. Ambystoma opacum is one of the amphibian species that has been monitored daily at a protected wetland, Rainbow Bay in South Carolina, for the past 12 years by investigators at the Savannah(More)
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