Josh Buckman

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As computer games become more complex and consumers demand more sophisticated computer controlled opponents, game developers are required to place a greater emphasis on the artificial intelligence aspects of their games. Our experience developing intelligent air combat agents for DARPA (Laird and Jones 1998, Jones at al. 1999) has suggested a number of(More)
Twenty-six state police officers referred by their department or self-referred were evaluated by a university department of psychiatry over a 28-month period. The most common primary diagnosis was adjustment disorder, followed by substance abuse and personality disorder. Sixteen of the officers were assessed to be psychiatrically capable of returning to(More)
  • J Buckman
  • 1977
The history of various attempts at thought control and chemical warfare is briefly reviewed. Brainwashing, thought control, industrial and national espionage, and covert activities are becoming more sophisticated. These issues have been revived and accentuated by the Vietnam war, the Middle East Crisis, Watergate, the CIA investigations and the Patty Hearst(More)
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