Josh Bronson

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The standard approach for constructing a large-stretch pseudo-random generator given a one-way permutation or given a smaller-stretch pseudo-random generator involves repeatedly composing the given primitive with itself. In this paper, we consider whether this approach is necessary , that is, whether there are constructions that do not involve composition.(More)
A modification of the standard electrodiagnostic test was developed in an effort to provide a more sensitive electrodiagnostic evaluation in radial tunnel syndrome. Radial motor nerve latency recordings were obtained in 3 different forearm positions: neutral, passive supination, and passive pronation. The maximal difference in these recordings, the(More)
In this controlled prospective study, 22 consecutive surgical candidates with clinically diagnosed CTS and negative findings on median nerve-sensory and motor-conduction velocity tests in both hands were reexamined with a protocol incorporating 5 specific positions of the wrist. Four of the 5 positions represented maximum physiologic ranges of motion for(More)
BACKGROUND Opioids appear to produce their physiologic effects by binding to at least three types of opioid receptors, the mu (mu), delta (delta), and kappa (kappa) receptors. Muscle rigidity occurs after administration of supra-analgesic doses of potent mu-preferring agonists like alfentanil. The role of different supraspinal opioid receptors in this(More)
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