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Twenty-five patients with gross residual chordoma after partial excision or biopsy were treated by radical radiotherapy at Royal Marsden Hospital between 1952 and 1981. The median duration of freedom from local progression following radiotherapy was 32 months. Twenty-four of the 25 patients (96%) had stabilization or reduction in symptoms. All 19 patients(More)
Domoic acid (DA) is a naturally occurring neurotoxin known to harm marine animals. DA-producing algal blooms are increasing in size and frequency. Although chronic exposure is known to produce brain lesions, the influence of DA toxicosis on behavior in wild animals is unknown. We showed, in a large sample of wild sea lions, that spatial memory deficits are(More)
Three specimen sets of removable partial denture claps were veneered using a composite resin with 4-META onto a 50-microns aluminum oxide air-abraded surface and flexed 0.01, 0.02, and 0.03 inches for 1,500 cycles. No veneers survived intact following 0.03-inch flexures; 58% survived 0.01-inch flexures and 44% survived 0.02-inch flexures intact. There was a(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperventilation is a frequently used method for inducing hypercarbia in neurosurgical patients. This practice requires careful carbon dioxide monitoring that might be replaced by a less expensive and less invasive alternative to arterial blood gas monitoring. OBJECTIVE To determine the accuracy of end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring in(More)
Most ultrasonic tools for the inspection of pipelines or boreholes consist of a transducer, separated from the exterior by an acoustic window. This acoustic window protects the device from the potentially hostile exterior and is part of the mechanical construction. Therefore the acoustic window is positioned between the transducer and the region of(More)
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