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Sharon Oviatt is a professor of Computer Science in the Center for Human–Computer Communication (CHCC) at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (OGI); her interests include human–computer interfaces for multimodal systems, spoken-language systems , and mobile technology. Phil Cohen is a professor of Computer Science in CHCC at OGI with(More)
In this paper, we present the vision for an open, urban-scale wireless networking testbed, called CitySense, with the goal of supporting the development and evaluation of novel wireless systems that span an entire city. CitySense is currently under development and will consist of about 100 Linux-based embedded PCs outfitted with dual 802.11a/b/g radios and(More)
—This paper 1 describes the design of a wireless urban sensor network testbed, CitySense. This first-of-its-kind testbed enables wireless networking researchers to perform repeatable experiments in a real-world environment. Studies that were previously limited to simulation and the laboratory can be validated through long-lived experiments in real-world(More)
This paper presents a field study that compares natural language call routing with standard touch-tone menus. <i>Call routing</i> is the task of getting callers to the right place in the call center, which could be the appropriate live agent or automated service. <i>Natural language</i> call routing lets callers describe the reason for their call in their(More)
Our current research focuses on developing conversational interfaces to on-line applications through speech recognition technology. We have developed a prototype system that combines pen and speech input from the on-line user in a web-browser. VoiceLog is a voice-enabled connection to a web-server that allows one to obtain vehicle diagrams and to place(More)
CyberBELT allows a viewer to interact with a multi-threaded documentary using a multi-modal interface. The viewer interacts with the documentary by speaking, pointing and looking around the display. The viewer selects the threads of the story to follow or lets the system navigate through the story. Feedback from the viewer evolves the story to present(More)
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