Josh B. Sweeney

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Aziridines, the nitrogenous analogues of epoxides, have until recently excited far less interest amongst synthetic organic chemists than their oxygenated counterparts, with some justification. A range of reviews concerned with the physical properties, synthesis (asymmetric and otherwise), reactions and utility of aziridines exists; this review briefly(More)
Rearrangement reactions occupy a special place within the canon of organic synthesis, by virtue of the inherently high efficiency of chemical processes which form and break bonds by redistribution of electrons around a retained atomic framework. Within the broader class, sigmatropic rearrangements are chemical processes defined by mechanisms involving(More)
An innovative adsorption cycle heat pump technology is presented that is compact and capable of achieving high energy efficiency for integrated space heating, air conditioning, and water heating. High energy efficiency is accomplished by effectively recuperating heat within the system to minimize energy consumption. This substantially reduces the(More)
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