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Presented here are the results of a systematic study of the viscoelastic properties of polyurea over broad ranges of strain rates and temperatures, including the high-pressure effects on the material response. Based on a set of experiments and a master curve developed by Knauss (W. for time–temperature equivalence, we have produced a model for the large(More)
The authors analyze the Arkansas teacher pension plan and empirically gauge the behavioral response to incentives embedded in that plan and to possible reforms. The pattern of pension wealth accrual creates sharp incentives to work until eligible for early or normal retirement, often in one's early fifties, and to separate shortly thereafter. We estimate(More)
We present a resonant cantilever sensor for use in chemical and biological sensing applications. Electrostatically actuated suspended indium phosphide (InP) waveguides are used as the sensing cantilevers. This sensor uses an integrated optical detection scheme which eliminates the need for free space optical components seen in traditional systems.(More)
In this paper we present an empirical investigation of teacher's behavioral response to the incentives embedded in the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS) pension plan. In previous work we described the plan parameters, discussed the sharp incentives these parameters create, and then estimated the effect of pension wealth accrual on teacher separation(More)
The Manhattan Institute's SchoolGrades.org evaluates and assigns grades, using reading and math test scores, to U.S. schools and compares schools across their respective states and to other countries. They apparently use a four-step process: (1) average two state test scores; (2) " norm " these results to the NAEP exam; (3) make an adjustment to this(More)
Since 2002, public school teachers in Florida have been permitted to choose between a defined benefit (DB) and a defined contribution (DC) retirement plan. We exploit this unique policy environment to study new teachers' revealed preferences over pension plan structures. Roughly thirty percent of teachers hired between 2003 and 2008 selected the DC plan,(More)
E¢ cient networks in nature are frequently small-worlds, combining high clustering among nodes with short distance across nodes. We map the relationship between products in global trade (product space) and the products a country exports (product specialization) as a network to examine the hypothesis that countries whose product specialization resembles a(More)
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