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Foraging segregation may play an important role in the maintenance of animal diversity, and is a proposed mechanism for promoting genetic divergence within seabird species. However, little information exists regarding its presence among seabird populations. We investigated genetic and foraging divergence between two colonies of endangered Hawaiian petrels(More)
Cosmetic surgery can be conceptualized as part of a spectrum of contemporary body projects whereby the individual uses body work to achieve some social and personal goal. In this article I examine individual motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery as well as assessments of the outcomes of those surgeries. Drawing on in-depth interviews, I explore how(More)
BACKGROUND Leclercia adecarboxylata is a rarely described gram-negative pathogen. Since the advent of rapid molecular typing techniques, L. adecarboxylata has been described in 23 case reports, often associated with polymicrobial infections or in immunosuppressed hosts. METHODS A case is described and previous cases of L. adecarboxylata infection are(More)
Here we discuss the development of a rehabilitation game that targets the upper extremity. Our target is an in-home implementation of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy), the current gold standard. Evidence based medicine supports the use of CI Therapy, but the widespread application of the treatment is hindered by the cost and accessibility as(More)
Immersion is a phenomenon experienced whilst playing digital games. Some argue that it is linked to time perception, where gamers claim that they are losing track of time while they are immersed in the game. In this work in progress, we describe an attempt to investigate the relationship between immersion and time perception. We manipulated attention(More)
Utilization of CuO nanoparticles (NPs) in agriculture, as fertilizers or pesticides, requires understanding of their impact on plant metabolism. Inhibition of root elongation by CuO NPs (>10 mg Cu/kg) occurred in wheat grown in sand. Morphological changes included root hair proliferation and shortening of the zones of division and elongation. The epidermal(More)
In [1], Alford et al. compared the performances of two Genetic and Evolutionary Methods (GEMs) for multibiometric feature selection and weighting. In this paper, we present two hybrid feature weighting/selection GEMs. Our results show that the hybrid GEMs outperform the GEMs presented in [1], using significantly fewer features while achieving practically(More)
Forest restoration projects are occurring throughout the world. Restoration projects can vary greatly depending on the type of forest and the type of stressors that have caused ecosystem degradation and the need for restoration. Because of this variability, and because objective criteria for determining the success of restoration projects are lacking, it is(More)
The Ashy Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma homochroa is endemic to the southern California Current System (CCS) and breeds only on Californian islands (including northern Baja California, Mexico) and a few mainland sites (Carter et al. 1992, Ainley 1995, McChesney et al. 2000, Spear & Ainley 2007, Carter et al. 2008). Storm-petrels are long-lived (c. 30 years),(More)
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