Josette Borg

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This descriptive exploratory study explored illness appraisal and spiritual coping of three groups of individuals with life-threatening illness. These were hospice clients with cancer (Ca; n = 10), clients with first myocardial infarction (MI; n = 6), and parents of children with cystic fibrosis (CF; n = 16). Qualitative data were collected by audiotaped(More)
Research of new diagnosis or prognosis biomarkers is a major challenge for the management of patients with complex pathologies like cancer. Clinical proteomics is one of the recent approaches to identify these biomarkers in biological fluids. Over the last five years, many problems related to the variability and the quality control of these analyses have(More)
AIM The aim of this cross-sectional comparative exploratory study was to explore the term spirituality as defined by four groups of nurses and two groups of caregivers from Malta and Norway. BACKGROUND Spirituality is a complex subjective concept which may or may not contain religiosity. Several factors may influence the individual's interpretation with(More)
Chronic illness is defined as a long-term disease that challenges a person's physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. However, individuals may adapt to their condition by adopting spiritual coping strategies that may or may not include religiosity. Part 1 of this article presents the methodology of this cross-sectional comparative study, which(More)
The SFBC Working Group on << Preanalytics and multiplex analyses in proteomics >> is presenting a protocol which will allow harmonization of biospecimen research studies on the impact of different preanalytical variations on peptidic and protein analytes. This protocol is based upon standardization of preanalytical options corresponding to different(More)
Spiritual coping, which may or may not contain religiosity, may enhance adaptation of clients with chronic illness. Part 1 of this article (Baldacchino et al, 2013) presented the research methodology of this cross-sectional comparative study, which explored the spiritual coping of clients with chronic illness receiving rehabilitation services in Malta(More)
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