Josephine Tkalcevic

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Enlarged early endosomes in the neurons of young Down syndrome (DS) and pre-Alzheimer's disease (AD) brains suggest that a disturbance in endocytosis is one of the earliest hallmarks of AD pathogenesis in both conditions. We identified a chromosome 21 gene, Intersectin-1 (ITSN1) that is up-regulated in DS brains and has a putative function in endocytosis(More)
Elf5 is an epithelial-specific ETS factor. Embryos with a null mutation in the Elf5 gene died before embryonic day 7.5, indicating that Elf5 is essential during mouse embryogenesis. Elf5 is also required for proliferation and differentiation of mouse mammary alveolar epithelial cells during pregnancy and lactation. The loss of one functional allele led to(More)
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