Josephine Stockton Resnick

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Arabidopsis thaliana has five ethylene hormone receptors, which bind ethylene and elicit responses critical for plant growth and development. Here we describe a negative regulator of ethylene responses, REVERSION-TO-ETHYLENE SENSITIVITY1 (RTE1), which regulates the function of at least one of the receptors, ETR1, in Arabidopsis. RTE1 was identified based on(More)
Ethylene is an important plant growth regulator perceived by membrane-bound ethylene receptors. The ETR1 ethylene receptor is positively regulated by a predicted membrane protein, RTE1, based on genetic studies in Arabidopsis. RTE1 homologs exist in plants, animals and protists, but the molecular function of RTE1 is unknown. Here, we examine RTE1 expression(More)
Ethylene is an important regulator of plant growth, development and responses to environmental stresses. Arabidopsis perceives ethylene through five homologous receptors that negatively regulate ethylene responses. RTE1, a novel gene conserved in plants, animals and some protists, was recently identified as a positive regulator of the ETR1 ethylene(More)
Title of Dissertation: REVERSION-TO-ETHYLENE-SENSITIVITY1: A NOVEL REGULATOR OF ETHYLENE RECEPTOR FUNCTION IN ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA Josephine Stockton Resnick, Doctor of Philosophy, 2006 Dissertation Directed By: Associate Professor Caren Chang Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Ethylene is a plant hormone that has profound effects on plant(More)
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