Josephine Burnett

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OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to review a large, evolving, single-center experience with the Fontan operation and to determine risk factors influencing early and late outcome. METHODS The first 500 patients undergoing modifications of the Fontan operation at our institution were identified. Perioperative variables were recorded and a(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with a single ventricle have multiple risk factors for central nervous system injury, both before and after the Fontan procedure. METHODS AND RESULTS A geographically selected cohort was invited to undergo standardized testing, including age-appropriate measures of intelligence quotient (IQ) and achievement tests. Historical(More)
OBJECTIVES Atrial flutter is a frequent, potentially fatal complication of the Fontan operation, but risk factors for its development are ill defined. We evaluated clinical features that might predict the development of atrial flutter in patients who had a Fontan operation. METHODS We evaluated 334 early survivors of a Fontan operation done between April(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to describe the functional outcome of a large number of patients after modifications of the Fontan operation and to investigate perioperative risk factors that might influence late functional state. METHODS A comprehensive cross-sectional review of the first 500 patients undergoing a Fontan operation at our(More)
Aphakic cystoid macular edema is a serious eye disease. Its etiology is unknown, but a widely held theory attributes it to an inflammatory response to surgical trauma. In a double-masked study, a 1% solution of fenoprofen sodium, a topically applied antiprostaglandin agent, was evaluated against placebo in determining the effectiveness of fenoprofen in the(More)
OBJECTIVES This investigations was undertaken to examine the alteration of electrophysiologic properties, including refractoriness, strength-interval relations and conduction, with the development of heart failure and to characterize the impact of volume loading on these indexes in the cardiomyopathic setting. METHODS Electrophysiologic properties in(More)
A comparison has been made of the urinary metabolites of volunteers who had taken therapeutic doses of paracetamol with those of persons who had taken an overdose in an attempt to highlight the metabolic changes associated with massive doses. The main technique for examining urine samples was two-dimensional thin layer chromatography. Other chromatographic(More)
OBJECTIVE In the past 5(1/2) years, 30 term or near-term neonates in the Intermountain Healthcare system developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) Bell's stage > or =II. We sought to identify possible explanations for why these patients developed NEC, by comparing them with 5847 others that did not develop NEC, from the same hospitals and of the same(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objective was to determine whether catheterization data obtained after a fenestrated Fontan operation influenced patient management or predicted functional status. BACKGROUND Cardiac catheterization after a fenestrated Fontan operation is undertaken to identify residual lesions and to observe the patient's response to test occlusion of the(More)